Login and connect to your trading account

First, Download the relevant MT4 app for your device. (Android, iOS for iPhone, PC, MAC)

For iOS and Android devices, please follow the steps below:


2. Launch the app and select ‘Login to an existing account’.



3. Enter your existing account details and search for ‘VantageFX’ or ‘Vantage International’ to select your new server. Then, choose the appropriate ‘VantageFXInternational-Live #’ server from the list.

Please note: If your previous server was ‘VantageFX-Live 1’ then your new server will be ‘VantageFXInternational-Live 1’.

And login to your account using your login and password (you recieved them by email)

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us on contact@astorz.com.

Kind Regards,


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