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Serious fall of the CAC40 05/23/2019

Astorz Trading Serious fall of the CAC40 05/23/2019

Violent victim of the Paris stock exchange with a CAC40 who loses nearly 2% at the end of the day around 5,280 points. The Wall Street is expected in the red this Thursday. The Trump administration is a battle against Chinese technology

Banning US markets and criminal markets now should not trigger a truly devastating “technology cold war”. Thus, the ‘New York Times’ revealed what the White House was planning to unveil. Financial analysts are particularly concerned about possible Chinese retaliation against Apple, whose smartphones would like a boycott in China. No arranger We are confident that the German business community will be compiled by the Institute if we reach 97.9 points,

Which is lower than expected by the market (99.1 for the consensus) . In April, the indicator had reached 99.2 points. The current valuation component at 100.6 points (against 103.6 consensus and 103.3 in April) and the expectations component at 95.3 points (vs 95.2 consensus and 95.2 the previous month).

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